Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last Week "...Sales gaining steam ". This Week, a Quincy Bungalow for $849,000 !!

Well, the Boston Globe seems to have caught Spring Fever. Last week (April 15th), the feature article on their Real Estate page told us that "The 2007 Spring Real Estate market is here with more open houses, eager buyers, and motivated sellers". Calling the issue The Big Move , they followed up with five more daily features, 'Home Finances', 'Open House Tips', 'Sell Your Home', 'Buyers Guide', and '2007 Spring Market'. Also, on the 15th, they carried an article by staff writer Kimberly Blanton, entitled "Market signs suggest worst is over; sales gaining steam."

Then, a bit to my surprise, below the fold, but still on the front of today's (April 22) Real Estate Section, there is is HOME OF THE WEEK Beyond an unassuming exterior, a tresure of woodwork that reresents a lost art. This article by Vanessa Parks, describes a Quincy Bungalow that is currently on the market for $849,000. Click HERE for a link to some views of the home that they have online.

So I decided to do a quick search on their website of homes for sales in Quincy, just to get a count on how many are listed for $760,000 and above. And the number is 15, with 7 of these above $1,000,000 !

Repeating that search in Hanover, yields 18 properties over $760,000, of which 4 are above $1,000,000.

I'm truly impressed with the Quincy results.


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